A Royal experience

The Castle Inn strives to provide the most extensive luxury experience, making our clientele feel like royalty. So enjoy our high-grade customer service. Our staff is well-trained in using the best resources we have available to accommodate your needs.​

The Castle Inn invites you to stay in our beachside luxury suites, an ideal getaway for those with a royal taste for majesty, privacy, and high-end amenities.


So book your visit with us and affirm your right to a top-quality room, unparalleled oceanside view, superior customer service, and an overall luxurious atmosphere you won't soon forget. 

   The Castle Inn of the Lost Coast is conveniently located next to Black Sands Beach in Shelter Cove, California. Contact us to book your stay today!

Amenities & Services

Wi-Fi access 

Secluded beach access

24 hour onsite guest assistance

Private kitchenettes

DVD rental

Free Parking