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Shelter Cove

The lost coast 

Located on the edge of the California Lost Coast, where the Kings Range meets the Pacific Ocean, Shelter Cove is a secluded town enshrouded by breath taking views. The Castle Inn values its community and takes pride in the towns tradition of excellence. Below are a few of the exciting activities and businesses that Shelter Cove has to offer.


recreational activities

The Castle Inn is just minutes away from many recreational activities and experiences. From surfing the wild waves, fishing in the gracious waters, and to whale watching, Shelter Cove has something for every type of athlete or sports enthusiast. The Shelter Cove Golf Center overlooks the entire pacific ocean and is located directly next to the Shelter Cove Airport. 


Hiking & backpacking

There are over 80 miles of trails along the Lost Coast that encompass both mountain and beach terrains. From the massive giants of the Humbolt Redwoods to the majestic seaside views 

 at Seal Rock and Abalone point, there is a path for every adventurer to explore. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Black Sands Body Works Day Spa

A luxury spa ran by a group of professional Massage therapists who specialize in a variety of techniques from Swedish tissue manipulation to Reiki, a Japanese form of stress reduction.  Their services are booked through an appointment only basis. To schedule a visit call (707) 986-1071 or check out their website below.


Eat & drink

Spice up your experience with a variety of delicious dining and fine bar venues here in the Cove. Complete with Gyppo, a contemporary style Brewery; a taste of Venezuela at Mi Mochima restaurant, American style comfort food at the Deli; hearty cocktails and well drinks at Mario's Bar, and pizza at Delgalda's, there are many ways to satisfy one's innermost cravings.

black sands beach

The Black Sands Beach stretches across the entirety of the Lost Coast around Shelter Cove. Here, at the Castle Inn, we are directly above this beach making it accessible to our visitors during their stay as they are only minutes from walking down to Black Sands. Because Shelter Cove is a secluded town Black Sands Beach remains untouched by mankind. 


Shelter Cove is home to a variety of wildlife of both land and sea. From the Castle Inn you can easily spot the sights of the majestic Gray Whales and Seal Pups through our windows. On your way into town you will see other critters such as deer, fox, and if you look up there is a chance that you'll see a hawk. As you explore the tide pools alongside the Shelter Cove beaches, expect to run into crabs, sea anemone, sea slugs, seals, starfish, and if you're lucky you just might find an abalone snail.


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